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General Questions

Ballito Rage kicks off in 2020 from 27 November to 4 December in Ballito, Umhlanga and Durban.

Ballito Rage takes place across multiple venues in Ballito, Umhlanga & Durban.

Your freedom destination, Ballito Rage, kicks off from 27 November and runs until the 4 December 2020 and is hosted in Ballito, Umhlanga & Durban. Events are hosted in Nightclubs, hotel pool event spaces, special pop up event venues, The Sound Factory and much more. All of this over one epic week.

Ballito Rage 2020 is sure to be an epic week you don’t want to miss! Join us and turn nights into mornings, friends into family and create memories that will complete your #MatricJourney.

Anyone 18-25 years old can attend the festival.

If you were born in the year 2002 but are not 18 at the time of the festival, you won’t gain entry, even though you turn 18 in 2020. Ballito Rage is a student festival and therefore not for anyone over the age of 25 years.

Ballito Rage Passports are your access into destination freedom. We get that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have created 3 Ballito Rage Passport types for you to experience Ballito Rage the way you want to. Head over to ‘Passport Types’ in menu to select the Passport type best suited for you.

Ballito Rage Passports are on sale from the 8th of March 2020 at 2pm.

Don’t miss out on Pre-Registration which is open from 14th to 28th of February. Being Pre-Registered will allow you one day preference to purchase a Ballito Rage Passport ahead of the public at Early Bird prices*.

*Being Pre-Registered does not guarantee a Ballito Rage Passport at the Early Bird price as these are limited and will be on sale on a first come first serve basis.

See ‘Passports’ in the menu to purchase your access to destination freedom.

Click here to purchase your Ballito Rage Passport

Before you can purchase a Ballito Rage Passport you will need to Pre-Register through so that we have all your details pre-purchase to ensure a speedy process when purchasing your Rage Passport.

Once Ballito Rage Passports are on sale on March 8th, Pre-Registered customers will get first access to Early Bird Ballito Rage Passport prices, however this does not guarantee an Early Bird Ballito Rage Passport as it’s still first come, first serve 😉 Pre-registration opens on February the 14th.

See our step-by-step guide of the Passport purchase process to ensure a smooth Sunday afternoon.

Ballito Rage conducts an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs. It is prohibited to use, deal or be in possession of drugs on the festival grounds.

If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you will need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate. We can only allow these specific medications if you can present a valid medical certificate at the entrance of each event at the festival.

Original identification only. Valid ID, Passport*, Driver’s License** only. No certified copies will be accepted.

*The Passport will need to be accompanied by a copy of the Passport, certified with a recent ID photo.

>Anyone older than 18 years and younger than 25 years can attend the festival. Side note – If you are born in the year 2002 but are not 18 at the time of the festival, you won’t get entry to the festival, even though you turn 18 in 2020.

Rage Travel is our official accommodation partner for Rage Festival Group. Please see all their packages at

Ragents are the on-ground sales and marketing team for the festival throughout the year. They live, sleep and party the Ballito Rage brand. Want access to anything to do with Ballito Rage? They’re your go-to network.

Ragent Applications for 2020 are now closed. Ragent 2021 applications will open in October 2020.

Do you have a creative gift or serious influence on Social Media? We want you! From design to development or simply gaining traction on social media, you could play a key role within the Rage ecosystem throughout the year and even land some work with our partner brands. There are many perks and incentives to be unlocked for your involvement. Keen? Hit us up with an email to

Ballito Rage contracts an extensive number of freelancers for the Festival and would therefore need to put you in touch with the right department. Opportunities to work at Ballito Rage include bartending, promotional staff and door staff. We currently don’t have any open positions Pre-Ballito Rage.

Please email your CV, contact details and motivation! Include what job position would be best for you based on the above to

Please note, you need to arrange your own accommodation and transport to-and-at the festival.

To stay up-to-date with all things happening with Ballito Rage 2020: Follow @ballitorage on all social media platforms.

Ballito Rage Passport Launch

Our ticketing agent, Howler, enables a queue functionality on their servers if there are spikes in traffic on the website. The queue is a ‘virtual line’ to help ensure that fans are protected from ticket bots, and provide a better and more reliable shopping experience. While you’re waiting to shop, your place in line will be refreshed frequently so please do not refresh, close, or leave the page.

1. Visit the event URL to purchase tickets.

2. The pre-queue waiting room will open 60 minutes prior to the event going on sale.

3. Once Passports go on sale, everyone in the pre-queue waiting room will be assigned a random place in the queue.

The queue will retain your position, even if you refresh the page. However – we recommend leaving things as they are. If you exit the queue, but take longer than 17 minutes to purchase your Passport, you will be sent to the back of the queue.

No, the queue cannot be skipped. Any attempts made to skip the queue or gain access without waiting in the queue will result in your tickets being cancelled.

Ballito Rage Passport availability will always vary based on demand. Passports are available first-come, first-serve basis and not guaranteed.

When a queue is paused, everyone will be kept in the queue as there will be no one redirecting to the site. The pause may be due to technical reasons. Please simply wait patiently until we resume the flow, as you will maintain the same queue number upon the event organizer resuming the progress of the queue.

Ballito Rage Passports

We recommend the person attending Ballito Rage signs up/logs in to purchase their Rage Passport. (Using the email you used to Pre-Register).

Credit Card: In order to make payment on our website, your card will need to be enrolled for 3D secure. In order to activate 3D secure for your card, please contact your bank.

Visa checkout: An easier, safer way to pay online. Say hello to a safe, simple and speedy new way to checkout.

International Payment: The easiest way to pay from a place outside of South Africa, is using a credit card. However, your card will need to be enrolled for 3D Secure. In order to enroll your card for 3D secure, please contact your bank. All payments will be charged in South African Rands. Your bank will convert this charge before deducting funds from your account, and usually adds a surcharge for this. If possible, try to get a local friend to purchase your tickets to avoid any difficulties. Alternatively, use our Pay In Store option, where you can reserve your tickets online and pay for your tickets at a number of South African retailers.

LayUp: Pay off your Ballito Rage Passport monthly through LayUp.

    Pay off process:

  1. Pay a deposit of 10% to secure your Payment plan – This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE
  2. You can only pay via credit/debit card or Instant EFT. No cash accepted or PayAT
  3. ALL payments are interest free
  4. You then pay via monthly installment or login into LayUp dashboard to make timely payments at any point
  5. If you miss two consecutive payments, your payment plan will be cancelled and you will be refunded as per Ballito Rage’s Refund Policy
  6. You must complete your payment plan in full at least 30 days prior to the event
  7. Once you have completed your payment plan the customer will receive an email from Howler confirming their Ballito Rage Passport has been paid off in full
  8. You then receive your Passport as per usual & collect at the festival!

Be sure to complete your ticket purchases before the timer in the top right hand corner runs out in order to prevent your reservation from expiring.

The easiest way to pay from a place outside of South Africa, is using a credit card. However, your card will need to be enrolled for 3D Secure. In order to enroll your card for 3D secure, please contact your bank. All payments will be charged in South African Rands.

Your bank will convert this charge before deducting funds from your account, and usually adds a surcharge for this.

If possible, try to get a local friend to purchase your tickets to avoid any difficulties.

No, but a pay in store option will be available from April 2020.

Processing online transactions can be complicated, booking fees are all the costs the event organiser collects in order to make this secure online transaction possible. These comprise of the bank fees, payment gateways charges, commissions and other administrative costs.

Booking fees may also include fees for Event Protect.

Ballito Rage Flexi Passport – R40
Ballito Rage Platinum Passport – R80
Ballito Rage Black Passport – R80

Ballito Rage Reunion Passports will be made available for purchase later in the year.

Ballito Rage Reunion Passports are only for returning Ragers who have purchased a Ballito Rage Passport in the past. Past Ragers must be signed in to their Howler account using the same email address they used to purchase their previous Passport in order to purchase a 2020 Ballito Rage Reunion Passport.

Still struggling? Email the below information to

– Full Name
– The email address used to purchase previous Passport
– ID number

Please email the below details to

– Parent’s name, ID number and registered email address
– Attendee’s name, ID number and Rager’s email address

We will edit the ticket details and you will be notified once the changes have been made.

Please email the below details to

– Incorrect registered email address
– Attendee’s correct name, ID number and email address

We will edit the ticket details and you will be notified once the changes have been made.

1. Check Your Spam / Junk Folder:
It is not uncommon for your e-tickets to end up in the spam, junk or promotions folders of your email client. Check these folders before contacting our support team.

2. Check your “Tickets” Tab in Howler

3. You can find all purchased tickets in your “Tickets Tab”. Log into using your email address and password used to purchase the passport.

4. Use the incorrect email address when purchasing tickets? Provide us with the event you purchased tickets to and any other supporting purchase information. One of our support team will organise to have your tickets re-issued to you. Contact the Howler support team at any time by clicking here or emailing

1. Sign in to your Howler accounts

2. Visit your “Tickets Tab”

3. You will see a full list of your active tickets, and their registration status

Check that you have logged in with the ticket holder’s email address. If no ticket appears in this Wallet, send the below details to

– The registered email address the purchase was made with
– Attendee’s name, ID number and email address
– Proof of payment

We will match the payment and the Passport ticket will be issued to the Rager’s Ticket tab.
You will be notified once the payment has been matched and the ticket issued.

For further questions not addressed in these FAQ’s or in our Guides, or please email

Passport/Ticket queries: 086 123 4695
Other: 011 326 3961

To make sure it’s valid, secure and belongs to you (the person attending Ballito Rage).

Once your Ballito Rage Passport is registered in your name with your details, we are able to communicate with you throughout the year about Ballito Rage updates, artist announcements, competitions, accommodation, transport and most importantly, SAFETY at Ballito Rage.

Information relating to the collection or delivery of your Ballito Rage Passport will be communicated during the year via email, app notifications, on our social media and through Ragents. Your Ballito Rage Passport will need to be registered before collection/delivery.

Due to club capacity in certain clubs, Ballito Rage cannot guarantee that all Platinum Ballito Passport holders will be given entrance into that club. There will, however be a large allocation for Platinum Ballito Rage Passport holders and therefore, attendees will be granted preferential access over Flexi Ballito Rage Passport holders.

In the event of clubs reaching capacity, as a Platinum Ballito Rage Passport holder, you will have the option of waiting to gain entrance or be redirected to the nearest alternative club event.

Yes, email the below information to

– Rager’s name, ID number and email address
– Current Passport/Ticket type
– Desired Passport/Ticket type

You will be notified of the next steps required to complete the upgrade.

A 15% admin fee on your current Passport will apply.

You are entitled to cancel your Ballito Rage Passport on the condition that the Ballito Rage Passport has not yet been delivered or collected. This cancellation may be done at any time prior to the day before the date of the event by sending a cancellation notice to

The following cancellation charges apply:

1. More than 30 days prior to event, 50% of original Passport/Ticket purchase price refunded;

2. Between 7 – 30 days prior to event, 25% of original Passport/Ticket purchase price refunded;

3. Less than 7 days prior to event, strictly no refunds;

4. After the event, strictly no refunds;

NB: In the event that you can provide us with documentary proof that a person in whose name a ticket was booked will not be able to attend the event because of his / her death or incapacity, we will not levy a cancellation fee in respect of that person’s ticket.

COVID additional note: 
At present there is no framework for the hosting of temporary events of more than 50 people and strictly for corporate essential business. The SA Events Council, a body made up of the 11 associations that represent the events industry has put forward a 73 page framework for the reopening of the events industry to government. At this stage nothing has been approved but pending further easing of restrictions anticipated in spring and summer, some framework is expected to be implemented. What it will or won’t allow for remains unclear. Get a copy of the framework here (
With this in mind, we have maintained our full staff complement of 21 members between Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. As a team we are working with the various towns, accommodation owners, venues and representative bodies on multiple scenarios from a “full outdoor festival” to a more distributed approach using multiple bars, restaurants, clubs and licensed outlets as legislation permits.
However, all of this work costs time, money and risk and the reward for the effort is currently uncertain. If the effort does not pay off and – as an example – government reinstates a level 5 lockdown on the date Ballito Rage was due to happen and as a result we have to postpone Ballito Rage 2020 to December 2021, a fair and relative refund will be offered (most likely around 50%) as well as the opportunity to keep the Passport and use it the following year without any additional fees and some added benefits for doing so.
However we remain steadfast in our firm belief that a format will become possible and what we can assure you is that we will, as always, turn that format into a spectacle.  The primary purpose of attending Ballito Rage has always been to have an incredible holiday with friends and a world class party at the same time. So let’s all stay safe, keep fingers (and toes) crossed and work together to make Ballito Rage 2020 a truly memorable and deserved reality.

Refunds can take up to 7-14 days to reflect in your account, and may not appear as a new transaction, but rather as a credit on the original transaction date.

No, the scalping or reselling of Ballito Rage Passports/tickets is illegal and not allowed. Ballito Rage Passports can not be transferred into another person’s name. So make sure you are 100% sure when purchasing!

Ballito Rage is strictly for persons over the age of 18.

Due to liquor license rules and restrictions, the festival organisers cannot allow entry to any persons under the age of 18 and take extra precautionary measures to enforce this.

If any person purchasing a Ballito Rage Passport using false Identification or Identification that does not belong to the person the Ballito Rage Passport is intended for, the person purchasing the Ballito Rage Passport will be at risk of losing any potential refund in the event that the Ballito Rage Passport is revoked due to the holder being under the age of 18.

Having a Ballito Rage Passport does not guarantee the holder entrance into any Ballito Rage venue and valid identification will be requested at all entry points.

Ballito Rage Passports/tickets may not be transferred as the scalping or reselling of Ballito Rage Passports/tickets is illegal and not allowed.


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